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Follow Up Atlanta

GLOBALG.A.P. responds to Food Safety needs with the launch of the Primary Farm Assurance (PFA) program

Speakers and delegates at GLOBALG.A.P.’s recent event in Atlanta concluded that what was once just the standard for export from the USA is now positioned to become the growers’ standard of choice for food safety in the United States. Farmers and growers can now opt for a food safety level only within the world’s largest and most trusted on farm food safety and sustainability program.

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Duke Lane Jr. and Duke Lane III
Kate Cochrane

Ben Marchant
Lourdes Gonzales (engl., español)
Hector Pedraza and Christopher Martin Gourment Trading


 Plenary Session I: Welcome/Bruce Feinberg
TOUR 2011 Voices I
TOUR 2011 Voices II
Plenary Session I: Panel
Plenary Session II: David Gombas
Plenary Session II: Sharan Lanini
Plenary Session II: Panel Discussion
Plenary Session III
Plenary Session IV: Hugh Mowat
Plenary Session IV: Panel Hugh Mowat & Panel with Joseph Elrefaie
Plenary Session V: Mario Velasco
Plenary Session V: Panel
Jorge Hernandez Closing Remarks